Welcome to the TGTS Blog!

Welcome to the Trailguide Technology blog! We like to keep a record of our projects to learn from both the successes and challenges. The TGTS blog provides more of a project diary than a traditional blog. Below you will find entries for general topics such as social media, and also a variety of “case studies” of the projects we’ve completed for our small and medium business clients. Enjoy!

About the Author

Matt started Trailguide Technology Services to bring his broad range of information technology experience to the businesses of Monterey Bay. He has nearly 15 years of professional IT experience in industries ranging from agriculture to higher education and has implemented many different types of businesses systems. As a trained engineer, Matt approaches problems systematically and creatively. Additionally, Matt has an MBA and formal education in accounting, operations, marketing, and other business disciplines. Matt’s combination of technical know-how and business acumen is truly unique.

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