calendar_iconAn iCal feed provides a way to subscribe to calendar information and view it on your phone or through your calendar application. Any changes made to the calendar to which you subscribe are automatically reflected in your calendar on any subscribed device you are using. Subscribed calendars can also be seen alongside personal, work or other calendars you may have. 

First, you will need the iCal URL for the calendar you would like to which you wish to subscribe. This URL will likely be something like the following:

If you do not have your iCal feed, contact the calendar owner and request it.

Next, you will need to subscribe to the calendar. Instructions vary depending on which application or mobile device you may be using. Links for the most common devices and programs can be found below

Mobile Devices:

Calendar/Email Programs (Mac, Windows):

Email Providers:

There are many other email providers, devices and calendar applications out there. If your scenario is not covered above, a quick Google search will usually provide instructions to match your setup.