Unlock the true potential of your business today.

Unbiased opinions. Flat-fee pricing. Effortless solutions.

Your trusted guide for small business technology.

Unbiased opinions. Flat-fee pricing. Effortless solutions.

Solutions For Your Business

Web Design

Make the right first impression to attract customers & clients to your business.

Business Applications

Improve efficiency & grow your business through turnkey setup of enterprise-class cloud-based systems. CRM, Email Newsletters, Shopping Carts, Accounting, Online Booking & many more.

Ongoing Support

Maintain your web presence & applications with low-cost support subscriptions.

Key Functions & Systems For Your Business

Customer Acquisition + Customer Retention + Operational Efficiency

Build your brand with an unforgettable first impression

Ensure that potential customers can easily find you from any device or search engine

Find and nurture new customers through social media, online reviews & online advertising

Email Newsletters
Stay top of mind with your customers while keeping them informed of new products or salesg

Online Shopping
Make purchasing easy and broaden your reach beyond the local market

Online Booking
Make scheduling an appointment quick and effortless from any device, any time

Loyalty & Rewards
Encourage loyalty and provide your best customers with rewards

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
Keep track of your customers & gain valuable insights into what they purchase & why

Accounting Systems
Automate your accounting & invoicing, accept online payments & ease tax preparation

Email & Phone
Project a professional appearance & never miss an important communication from a customer or client no matter where you are

Exceptional Value, Minimum Effort

Flat Fee Pricing

Pay by the project with upfront pricing, not based on an estimate & exorbinant hourly rate.

Turnkey Setup

Comprehensive, full-service setup for your website or business application including consultation, content development, graphic design, data migration, training and on going support.


Generate a huge return on your technology investments by bringing more customers though the door while reducing operational overhead.

Client Praise

The Trailguide team has made what could have been an overwhelming experience remarkably easy. They quickly identified my company’s needs and assets and the best way to display my work on the web. They are extremely knowledgeable and very responsive to my questions and critiques. High marks for Trailguide Technology!
MAP Architects


It was a pleasure working with Matt and the TGTS team to revamp my website and implement a 21st century CRM system. He took the time to understand how each technology application could be tailored to my business. His custom approach and facility in explaining and demonstrating the new techniques I’m using really helped me hit the ground running. I found Matt’s services to be a great value. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for affordable and personable IT business solutions.
Hawley Note Investments


Working with Matt and the team at Trailguide Technology Services has been great. As a small inn and business we need someone reliable who can independently tackle the variety of marketing and tech projects that we need completed to get our brand on top and systems running smoothly. Trailguide has helped us with a new website, logo development, hotel channel management, marketing strategy and general branding. Having one go-to for all of this has been indispensable.
Monte Verde


Unlock the true potential of your business today!

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